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Most quarterbacks are judged by their numbers. Touchdowns. Wins. Super Bowls.

Lately, it seems the number that has become the identifier for Eli Manning is 36.

That’s the age of the Giants’ quarterback as he enters this, his 14th season. And it’s not just the outside world that seems to be focusing on it either. It seems every chance the Giants get they take extra care to point out the rising number of candles on Manning’s cakes. It started at the end of last season when Jerry Reese said that Manning is “on the back nine” of his career, continued during the offseason as they drafted a quarterback in the third round, and then reappeared on Thursday when Reese talked about having Manning — who has never missed a game — having a “pitch count” and compared him to Tony Romo whose injuries forced him to retire (without a Super Bowl title, by the way).

Ben McAdoo even told Manning and the other older players — “older” being those 26 years or older — the story of Frasier the Lion, a washed-up circus performer in the 1970s who became a joke in the animal kingdom until he was rescued by a zoo and regained his king of the jungle mojo.

“I’d never heard of Frasier,” Manning said straight-faced of the R-rated story. “It was good to learn…

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