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Long Island bosses sit on the hot seat. Some face quarterly earnings scrutiny, others private-equity owners’ watchful eyes; all shoulder the responsibilities of leadership.

The chief executive of Henry Schein Inc., Long Island’s largest publicly traded company by revenue and market capitalization, is an avid stamp collector.

The founder of a Plainview technology vendor to local government sings Bollywood karaoke at gatherings of family and friends.

The founder of an accounting firm took up rock and ice climbing.

Then there’s a drone pilot, a bass player in a Motown band, and a marathoner.

Janet Lenaghan, professor of management at Hofstra University’s business school and an expert in human resources, cited research indicating that company leaders’ hobbies and interests could have an affect on their businesses.

Pastimes with defined objectives can give leaders a feeling of accomplishment and help them transfer a “motivational culture” to their organizations.

Other research found that executives who pursue risky hobbies like skydiving tend to push the envelope at work, creating an innovative culture in their organizations and notching a higher success rate in acquisitions, she said.

“It’s less about risk and more about reward,” she said.

Executives interviewed about their hobbies said their outside pursuits alter their perspectives and make them better equipped to solve the riddles of the business world.


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