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SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. >> The Saratoga Springs City School District is looking at a $15.6 million project to improve the outdoor facilities at the high school, middle school, elementary schools and East Side and West Side recreational parks.

“We’ve both been here quite a while. I’ve been here 11 years and John [Thuener] is coming up on six, so we’ve heard a lot of community input about the shape of our fields. A lot of people don’t even realize that we own East and West side rec…” said Assistant Superintendent David L’Hommedieu. “We’ve had some of our buildings’ challenges [help raise] funding for playgrounds and things like that, so this is a way to help our elementary buildings. Same thing with our athletic fields at our secondary levels; [this project is] primarily an opportunity to move them ahead and get them to a place where they should be.”

Aside from improvements to playgrounds, fields and courts, some schools would get outdoor learning environments.

“We’re also trying to look at learning environments from a lot of different angles and your kind of limited because of the climate up here, but the concept of having outdoor learning environments, extending classrooms to stay outside,” said L’Hommedieu. “We think that opens up a lot of opportunities for our curriculum.”


The plan, in its earliest stages, includes irrigation for some fields, LED lighting in gymnasiums and completed perimeter fencing at some sites.

“Water more precisely, fertilizer is enhanced, obviously, with proper watering,” said Thuener,…

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