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A family in Oklahoma has uncovered a crime scene in their backyard. They found a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer that was mysteriously wrapped in plastic tarp and buried about 6 feet underground.

For years, the family had been driving their all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and motocross bikes over the carefully hidden car, which had been right under their dirt bike trail, they told KFOR. The car’s hood was exposed when the family was adjusting the dirt trail with a tractor.

Fredie Green who is the current owner of the property feared the worst. He called the authorities to notify them of the suspicious find. “Just make sure that there were no dead bodies in the car,” he told KFOR.

Fortunately, the deputies who responded found no bodies inside.

Authorities suspect the vehicle may have been involved in insurance fraud or theft. The license plates, still on the vehicle, revealed that it belonged to the previous property owner who had reported the vehicle stolen in 2003.

No one has been charged yet.

Green told KFOR, “It’s amazing that someone could even go that far to bury a brand new car.”


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