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ALBANY — The head coach and several student-athletes of the defunct UAlbany women’s tennis team, which was eliminated after its 2016 season, have filed a lawsuit against the school and officials.

“Under Title IX and implementing regulations of the U.S. Department of Education, because it accepts federal funding, [UAlbany] is absolutely required to offer equality of opportunity for women and men in every program it offers, including equal opportunities for male and female athletes in intercollegiate sports programs,” reads part of the suit, which was filed last week in Albany County Supreme Court.

The suit lists former head coach Gordon Graham, as well as former student-athletes Isidora Pejovic, Chae Bean Kang, Alba Saia Huerta and Chassidy King, as its plaintiffs. Bernays T. Barclay, of Rimon, P.C., submitted the suit.

Listed as defendants are the university, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, UAlbany Interim President James Stellar, UAlbany Title IX Coordinator Chantelle Cleary and UAlbany athletic director Mark Benson. 

Last fall, Graham had filed a gender equity complaint against the university with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights [OCR]. The lawsuit says the OCR “determined Defendants to be in violation of Title IX,” but did not offer “any specific remedy or require SUNY Albany to reinstate the tennis program or otherwise make the Plaintiffs whole.”

Amongst other items, the plaintiffs are seeking a “declaration from this Court that Defendant has unlawfully discriminated and continues to unlawfully discriminate on the basis of sex by failing to offer female…

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