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Sunday, July 29, 1917

In “one of the most peculiar … accidental drownings in this section,” a Troy man vacationing at Saratoga Lake drowns in a pail of water this morning.

Tolson S. Eland spends the weekend at his parents’ summer camp near Snake Hill. Eland is a machinist for the W. & L. Gurley company of Troy, “prominent in Masonic circles” and “well and favorably known throughout Troy,” The Saratogian reports.

Eland is last seen alive leaving his parents’ camp to get a pail of water. He has to go to a nearby brook because a pump at the campground isn’t working. After a while his father goes out looking for him and finds him lying on his stomach, his face wedged into the half-filled pail.

Investigators aren’t sure whether Eland simply stumbled and fell or grew dizzy from the heat and fainted. A doctor at a neighboring campground declares him dead. A Stillwater physician confirms accidental drowning as the cause of his death.



“Saratoga almost had the appearance of a garrison town” this weekend as men from the officers’ training camp at Plattsburgh spend their leave in the Spa City. As the town gets ready for the August racing season, the military students “seemed to make unanimous choice of this place as a rendezvous over Sunday,” The Saratogian reports.

“Many of the uniformed and bronzed young men arrived Saturday afternoon and evening, enjoyed the night’s festivities in park, Casino and hotels, and after a night’s rest returned to camp.”


The men from…

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