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This time of year, Rich Blohm can be found in his garden apiary, tending to his 50 beehives and 20 bee breeding boxes. “The honey flow has just started with the blooming of the black locust trees,” says Blohm, a master beekeeper in Huntington, who’s been at his favored pastime for 44 years. “I make sure they have adequate room to store the honey that’s coming in.”

It’s a sweet hobby for Blohm, whose bees produce about 1,500 pounds of honey each year. Blohm sells the bee nectar for $12 a pound from a small roadside stand on the corner of his property. Buyers pay on the honor system. But Blohm isn’t looking for new customers. His honey has a loyal fan base and, without advertising, every season is a sellout, he says.

Though summer is the busiest time for him, Blohm’s beekeeping season begins in March, when he checks each hive to ensure it has enough food stores, or honey, to live on before nectar and pollen become available. The season continues until the end of autumn.

Richard Blohm, a master beekeeper in Huntington, stands for a portrait by his honey stand outside his home on June 7, 2017. Photo Credit: Raychel Brightman

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