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Do you save things because you don’t want to make the decision to let them go?

Clutter is in most cases is postponed decisions. The company Sparefoot conducted a recent study that showed more than 51 percent of people that responded described their home as cluttered. Of those, 91 percent said they kept items out of guilt.

Can you relate? If so, here are three reasons why we keep clutter in our home and how to stop.

We’re afraid to let go of sentimental items

This is something we see often working with our clients. It’s OK to be sentimentally attached to items as long as you are using or enjoying them. But for many, these items are packed away in boxes in the attic or are taking up prime real estate in your home causing clutter.

Solution: Select a few items that you’re saving for sentimental reasons and commit to using and/or displaying them and let the rest go. Create a space to keep these items so that they do not get in the way or your everyday life.

For example, if you are saving your wedding dress, don’t keep it in your closet taking up valuable space. Instead, store it in an airtight clear storage container under the bed or in a storage area in your basement.

Take a photo of the items you decided not to keep so you can refer to it when that guilty feeling comes over you. This process is much easier when you consider that donating items you’re not using will allow others to enjoy them.

We can’t pass up a sale

I like to say we can go broke saving money. If the only reason you are buying an item is because it is on sale, don’t buy it. If it is something you would pay full price for and will…

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