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The Democrats are having a major branding problem.

Ever since they were blindsided by Donald Trump and lost the White House, they’ve been flapping around violently like a freshly caught fish on the dock, trying to figure out who’s to blame for their near-terminal state.

Now, the party is at an ideological crossroads, and like many others across the country, I’m not so sure I’m buying what they’re selling anymore.

The only message I can actually detect is rage.

I really don’t think their platform of resist everything will attract many people for any length of time. It’s a little broad.

Plus, it requires too much energy to resist everything. One or two things? Maybe. Everything? Doubtful.

If the last presidential election taught us anything, it’s that the Democrats of tomorrow will look nothing like they do today.

There’s a deep fissure between the leadership of the party and its constituents.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the wrong candidate at the wrong time. That’s no secret anymore. The younger, millennial voters just couldn’t relate to her.

Yet, somehow, they could easily connect with 74-year-old Bernie Sanders, mostly because he was a socialist and told them everything would be free.

Oddly enough, many polls at the time showed Sanders defeating Trump in the general election. I just love the irony here.

The Democrats might have had a better chance of beating Trump if they put up a socialist to challenge him.

That should have screamed to the Democrats that something is terribly wrong with their brand, their strategy and their leadership.

“When you lose to somebody who is…

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