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Joye Brown

Joye Brown has been a columnist for Newsday since 2006. She joined the newspaper in 1983 and has worked as a reporter, an editor, newsroom administrator and editorial writer.
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Speaking to law enforcement officials inside an auditorium at Suffolk County Community College on Friday, President Donald Trump likened Long Island to the wild, Wild West. Outside, in one of the communities Trump said he wanted to liberate by kicking out MS-13 gang members, it was anything but wild.

At least not on Friday.

At Stahley Street and Ray Court in Brentwood, where the bodies of high school besties Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas were found last year, neighbors tended to their cars and to their yards as Trump spoke. When the music one neighbor had been playing ended, the only sounds to be heard near the intersection — where memorials to the girls included fresh flowers and burning candles — were birds singing, and a band of squirrels rustling through the trees.

A little over three miles away, in Central Islip Community Park where the bodies of four young men were found three months ago, children ran about on the playground, under the watchful eye of their parents.

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