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New York state’s taxpayers spent $17 million on a pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam.

And already less than a year after it’s been up, it’s starting to show signs that maybe citizens didn’t get the best bang for their buck.

The bridge, built with a combination of state transportation bond act money and state grants, was installed to help boost economic development in the city.

Its construction was controversial, as some in the community wanted the state money to be used for other more pressing needs.

Anyway, up it went. And shortly after it was completed, local officials began noticing white streaks peeking through the dark blue paint on the walls of the new bridge, which stretches across the Mohawk River.

Mayor Mike Villa has even gotten the city’s engineer to look at the problem. But he hasn’t been able to find a cause for the problem, and therefore a solution other than washing the stains off with vinegar.

The white streaks certainly could be something minor, like a batch of paint that didn’t stick to the concrete correctly, or some minerals leaching out of the concrete as part of normal weathering.

The streaks could be a sign of a bigger problem, like water seeping into the concrete and causing structural damage.

Or they could be a sign of shoddy workmanship, perhaps in the sealing of the concrete or the use of inadequate materials.

Either way, it’s highly unlikely that the community expected to see flaws in the structure so soon after people started walking across it.

As anyone who owns a home knows, even minor issues can become expensive ones if you fail to address problems when…

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