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The handcuffed inmate who fled the Montgomery County Courthouse Thursday didn’t make it far, according to his mother.

Boyd Wells, 18, of Oppenheim, ultimately chose to turn himself in to authorities late Thursday after hiding in the woods between the courthouse and Kane Road for several hours while police searched for him, his mother, Patricia Keller, said.

He hid most of the evening under a fence, shielded by brush and mud, she said. He remained handcuffed throughout, but managed to move his handcuffed hands from his back to his front.

“He did the right thing,” Keller said of her son turning himself in. “I’m very proud of that, but I’m still heartbroken.”

For his trouble, Wells’ short period of relative handcuffed freedom earned him a new felony escape charge. That’s on top of a Fulton County burglary charge and a Montgomery County probation violation in an earlier case.

Wells fled after a Thursday afternoon appearance on the probation violation case. He appeared in court with his mother and girl friend.

District Attorney Kelli McCoski recommended he be ordered held based on the new burglary case and Judge Felix Catena agreed.

But handcuffed behind his back and escorted by two officers with a second prisoner, Wells bolted from the officers and made it to nearby woods and disappeared. He fled at about 2:30 p.m.

Sheriff’s deputies, along with state police and other agencies swarmed the area, using canines to search the woods and fields beyond. Searchers also used a helicopter for a time.

“A lot of manpower and womenpower, a lot of law enforcement was involved,” McCoski noted.

Finally, about nine…

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