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HERKIMER, N.Y. – The Herkimer Water Department issued a boil water advisory Thursday for the entire village and any surrounding areas receiving municipal water after a regular test sample of the village’s water supply came back positive.

Scott Blais, the village’s water superintendent, said that one of the regular water samples was positive for a bacteria called coliform.

“It’s a bacteria that can – not that it does, or will – can turn into E. coli,” said Blais during a telephone interview Friday.

Blais emphasized Friday that the village’s water sample was negative for E. coli.

Blais said he was informed Thursday afternoon that lab tests showed the positive test result, and a boil water advisory was then put into effect for the entire village. He said the village is going to follow up on the results with more testing.

“We’re going to take water samples from sources that came back bad, and surrounding sources,” he said. “… Hopefully everything will come back negative tomorrow afternoon.”

Blais said Friday the village is required to do so many samples each month and that it was “unusual” for the one to come back with a positive test result.

“We usually don’t have any problems with them,” he said. “… We’re trying to figure out what may have happened. We’re not sure what the reasoning is.”

Blais said officials are working on figuring out what triggered the positive result or if there was an error with the testing.

“It’s why we do the tests in the first place,” he said.

The boil water advisory will remain in effect until further…

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