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Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission member Bahram Kermati’s July 21 letter attempting to clear up confusion about what the city’s government will look like under the proposed charter only raises new questions.

He declares that “the proposed charter will save us money, at least $300,000 in its first year…” Yet in a handout from the Charter Commission entitled, “Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission 2017 Proposed City Charter Fiscal Impact Summary,” the minimal savings in the first year is stated to be $118,326. Other Charter Commission members have used the figure $250,000.

The Charter Commission has yet to approve a financial statement and hasn’t posted any data I can find to explain how commission members are arriving at these different numbers.

I would join Mr. Kermati in urging all Saratoga residents to read the full charter that is being proposed.

I would also urge them to ask for a full transparent accounting of what this change in government will cost — something we have yet to see.

Jane Weihe

Saratoga Springs

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