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Three city officers were sickened Thursday after coming into contact with an unknown drug during a traffic stop and the subsequent booking of the suspect, police said Friday.

Each of the three officers complained of nausea or lightheadedness, Assistant Chief Michael Seber said.  All three were checked out at the hospital, released and cleared to return to work, he said.

The officers are believed to have been sickened after coming into contact with two baggies seized from suspect Shaquan Page at different points following a traffic stop Thursday afternoon, Seber said. The incident took place at Guilderland Avenue and Broadway.

Police are unsure what substance was in the bags, Seber said. It’s described in court paperwork as an off-white powder. Police have sent it off to be tested. 

The incident, however, highlights concerns from departments across the country over officers accidentally coming into contact with powerful drugs. An officer in Ohio suffered an accidental overdose in May after a white powder later determined to be fentanyl came into contact with his skin during an arrest.

“It’s a national problem,” Seber said, noting his department offers training to help prevent such exposures. But, he said, “something like this can happen so fast.”

Thursday’s incident began with the traffic stop involving Page, 28, of Bridge Street. Multiple officers responded to the scene. One seized a baggie of suspected drugs from Page, touching the outside of the bag in the process. Officers allegedly also found pills and Page was arrested.

During transport, that officer began feeling ill, Seber said. Soon, as Page…

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