West Wing woes for President Trump – New York News

President Donald Trump came to Long Island Friday ready to feed his supporters just what they love.

There were the promises to add 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and to start the southern border wall. Trump celebrated economic gains, citing GDP growth for the second quarter. He said the Second Amendment was safe during his tenure, and reassured the audience that Obamacare would implode on its own. He boasted that illegal crossings from Mexico are down 78 percent and he pledged to continue the crackdown on MS-13 gang members.

But his commitment to law and order veered into the unacceptable as he encouraged local officers to injure suspects as they put them in “paddy wagons.” The applause that line generated from the uniformed officers that made up the audience was wrong, forcing the Suffolk County Police Department to issue a statement saying there are strict rules about how suspects are handled and that any violations…

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