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Monday, July 30, 1917

“The season’s hottest night, coupled with the attraction of a new band, brought the largest crowd which has been seen in Congress Park in recent years,” The Saratogian reports.

The thermometer his 100 degrees this afternoon, making the park a more pleasant alternative to interiors without air conditioning. The debut of Alphonso D’Avino’s band, a Boston outfit in residence for the racing season, attracts a standing-room only crowd to the park.

“No one expected to get a seat and the majority seemed satisfied to secure a spot on the grass which was near the music,” one reporter writes, “The terrace about the artificial pond in which the bandstand is situated was crowded with people, while hundreds were clinging like flies to the steep bank further back.”

The crowd is treated to “an excellent program … of the highest type.” The band’s “rendition of some of the more classical numbers stamp the musicians as an organization of the first class.”


D’Avino’s band takes over for the Troy City Band, the artists in residence for most of July. Their season was a success except for one detail that wasn’t really their fault, as far as an anonymous visitor from California is concerned.

“A Californian” writes a letter to the editor today that will be published in tomorrow’s “People’s Forum” section. The writer makes clear that “I have had the pleasure of a week’s stay in your pretty city and have had a very enjoyable time indeed.”

The only sour note during the Californian’s stay, apparently,…

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