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I’ll admit, sitting by Saratoga Lake on a gloomy day is not the way to see Lake Local at its best. The servers are zipped into hoodies, there’s no one at the dock, and not a soul at the bar — either one, inside or out. “We’d have a different attitude on a sunny day,” said my friend Patrice.

Some things are not affected by the weather, though, and could be improved. Our satisfactory meal, with a few tweaks, could be made much better.

A writer friend said once, at a noisy venue with too many disposable cups, “We’re not the intended audience.” Indeed, the same applies here. My niece Ann Marie recommended the place, no doubt after kayaking up to the dock and enjoying a meal at a sunny table. Or when the place is hopping, and the patio and covered porch are full and the band is playing, with moonlight on the water.

We visited for lunch, midweek, in hopes of avoiding track crowds. There were a few groups inside the light-filled dining room, and some stalwarts outside, protected from the rain and wind by clear plastic walls. Our table had a view across the lake that gave a new appreciation of its loveliness.

Lake Local is related to the Local Pub & Teahouse on Grand Avenue in Saratoga Springs, and though they present different aspects, both are lively with spirited contemporary menus. Lake Local, open from April through November, is in its third season.

Look at the menu: fish, beef, or pork tacos; snacky starters like soft pretzels (at $9 a bit of a stretch), hummus and Naan ($10), grilled corn with chipotle mayo, cilantro and lime ($9); salads like watermelon and goat cheese with cucumber and…

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