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The hamburger — often served with french fries, sauteed onions and a slice of tomato — also comes with a side of mystery.

No definitive origin exists for the juicy staple of many American diets.

Some say a recipe from the late 1700s mentioned “Hamburgh sausage” and directions to serve the meat with toasted bread. Others claim “Hamburg steak,” placed between two pieces of bread on the Hamburg American shipping line during the 1800s, gave the hamburger its start. And some believe Danish immigrant Louis Lassen created ground meat patties in 1900 and used the product for his lunch business in New Haven, Connecticut.

One fact may at least pinpoint the time. Hamburgers became a big hit at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, and likely boosted the food’s popularity.

There is no mystery about the hamburger’s popularity in The Daily Gazette’s circulation area. The newspaper recently asked readers via social media for their favorite places to order medium, medium well or well done ground beef. Using their suggestions as a guide, the newspaper visited several restaurants famous for hamburgers.

True hamburger fans know burgers of 2017 are served with more than just tomato, lettuce and cheese. Fried eggs, pulled pork, coleslaw and Cajun seasonings are among the new tastes on hamburger plates.

So pass the ketchup and hold the pickles — here are the favorites, in no particular order:

Maxon’s Grill, 2544 Guilderland Ave., Rotterdam

The “Maxon” burger at Maxon’s Grill in Rotterdam. (Marc Schultz)

The big deal at Maxon’s is the “50/50 Burger, equal parts ground beef and ground bacon. “And there’s more bacon…

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