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If you were one of the many people offended by President Donald Trump’s off-the-wall comments to the Wall Street Journal the other day urging residents of “upper New York” to abandon their houses and move to Wisconsin where the good jobs are, then you’re missing the point — and an opportunity.

A few people, including Wall Street investors and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are starting to figure out that you don’t take the president’s comments literally, but you should take them seriously.

More than anything, the comment was probably just a combination of him reminding people that he won Wisconsin last November and of him taking a jab at Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a potential challenger in 2020, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, the president’s chief nemesis in Congress.

But cloaked in the president’s clunky, self-serving comments were a message, and a challenge, that New Yorkers and our representatives in Albany and Washington would be wise to heed.

First off, those of us who have lived in New York a long time, and who continue to live here, have done so for a reason. Many of us like the changing seasons, the many options for entertainment — from hiking and camping to concerts and nightlife — and the many amenities that an expensive government provides, like good schools and social programs and safety nets for seniors and the poor.

Unless you travel outside the state, you can’t appreciate the quality of the state’s highways, the level of police and fire protection, the convenience of shopping, the state’s proximity to major cities and transportation hubs, and the business opportunities. Now that we…

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