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WASHINGTON — In Washington, leaks don’t just come from the pipes.

It’s leaks of information that have the White House in a tizzy, and they come from sources all over town — Congress, federal agencies and lobbyists among them.

Oh, and the White House itself.

President Donald Trump has railed against leaks, many of them damaging to him and the administration, since he took office.

His new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, last week spoke on CNN about “good leaks and bad leaks” and “nefarious, unnecessary, backstabbing, palace intrigue-like leaks.”

Some leaks are illegal disclosures of classified information. Others are perfectly legal trial balloons floated to test public reaction to an idea before it’s formally announced.

A taste of a whole menu of leaks:

Whether a leak is seen as good or bad rests with the beholder.

Take James Comey, the FBI director whom Trump fired in May because of the Russia investigation. Comey had…

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