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Erie Boulevard was abuzz with more activity than usual Monday, with drivers avoiding potholes, traversing metal boards and narrowing down to one lane of traffic, while cones, construction crews and machinery dotted the streetscape.

The city is in the midst of overhauling Erie Boulevard between the roundabout at Nott Street and the Union Street intersection, the final portion of a multimillion-dollar effort to upgrade one of the city’s main thoroughfares. When finished, that section of the roadway will be freshly surfaced, and have new sidewalks and curbs.

“It’s an active construction site,” City Engineer Chris Wallin said. “People might see it as an open road, but it’s an active work zone. If you feel it’s inconvenient, seek alternative routes until it’s complete.”

An initial layer of fresh asphalt will be laid in about two weeks, but the condition of the road has in some ways gotten worse before it can get better, as significant underground work must be completed before the surface can be paved.

The goal is to finish the entire project by Nov. 1, Wallin said, at which point the road from Interstate 890 up to the roundabout will be uniform.

Crews have spent the last several weeks installing new water mains, and more recently putting in service lines for water to nearby buildings, Wallin said. Those will be completed this week, he said.

At the same time, a sewer cleaning crew has been working along the road to repair and maintain breaks and known problem areas along the underground sanitary lines.

Another set of workers will be leveling out the road in the coming days, Wallin said. That…

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