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Eating on Fire Island is often an uncomplicated affair involving a grill, a six pack and a heap of steamed clams — sometimes all three. When Islanders do go out to dine, it’s often in search of camaraderie and a bay breeze, and not necessarily haute cuisine. However, as the island’s menus have grown more polished, dining out here can mean tucking into sushi, crudo or even a small plate conceived by a celebrity chef. From poke bowls to shrimp-spiked linguine, here’s a snapshot of half a dozen dishes that await on Fire Island in 2017, from East to West.


Surf’s Out (1 Bay Walk, Kismet): Poke bowls are stomping their way across the fast-casual food landscape. Last year, they landed on the menu at Surf’s Out, the dockside Kismet restaurant where sushi and sashimi occupy half the menu. Chef Anthony Trobiano calls his version “surf yutari bowls” and they go like this: Choose your fish (such as raw salmon, tuna, crab salad or grilled eel) and base (rice or salad), and the bowl will arrive topped with a fistful of edamame, some sliced avocado and a shower of tempura crunch. Wash it down with some bright sake sangria. More info: 631-583-7400,


Saltaire Market (100 Broadway, Saltaire): After superstorm Sandy pummeled the existing Saltaire…

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