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A while back, an editorial was written in The Gazette about the big guys in Albany getting big bucks for putting in as heads of committees, which turned out to be quite not true. Quite interesting. But what really caught my eye was the very last sentence, which said, “How stupid do they think we are?” Well, Mr. Editor I would say, yes we are damn stupid, for letting it go on for so long.

Closer to home, it’s interesting when I see some of my money — “grant money,” [I say my money, because I can’t speak for anyone else] going to places I’m not sure I’m happy with.

Question: Does anyone do a complete check on what this money does and what it was intended for? If I put in for, say, $30,000, and quietly use only $29,000, who knows what pocket the other thousand goes for?

The other day took a nice long ride on a very nice day out through Scotia, Glenville and Burnt Hills. Couldn’t believe all the goings on. People all over the place.

Garage sales, flea markets right into Saratoga. Huge farmers market at the state park. Topped it off with a hotdog and a nice cold beer.

Nice ride back until I hit the Rotterdam town line and almost fell asleep. Oh, well, until the next time

Ron Capullo


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