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Ben Catalfo, 16, finally gets an A+ for perseverance in the pursuit of fairness. The state Education Department caved last week and will give all students credit for a question on the 2017 Geometry Regents exam that Catalfo challenged.

That’s great for Catalfo, a junior at Ward Melville High School, but tough for the state Education Department, which earned a failing grade. At least three questions on the 36-problem geometry exam taken by about 130,000 students this spring were flawed.

Local school administrators say giving students credit for the confused questions won’t help those who spent an hour on a flawed problem taking away valuable time to answer other ones. Even worse, parents and teachers digging in to the Regents test system to find out what’s going on learned they can’t get simple answers.

In the distrust of the Education Department that came after the botched Common Core rollout and state standardized tests, the Regents exams got a pass. That fury focused on tests for third- through eighth-graders written by big corporations, which about 50 percent of Long Islanders and 20 percent of students across the state refused to take in 2017. In contrast, the Regents exams, written by New York teachers, were treated as trustworthy. Now, even those exams are under fire from local officials and…

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