Slain jogger's father reflects on lost daughter on death anniversary – New York News

Every day in the year since his daughter was killed, Philip Vetrano goes to the spot in Spring Creek Park by Howard Beach where Karina was found, beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted.

The secluded area, surrounded by tall grass and marked by towering sunflower plants, is now a small, unofficial memorial garden. Vetrano visits it twice a day to feed birds and stray cats, as well as to spend quiet moments thinking about what he and his wife, Catherine, lost.

“There are no better days, there aren’t any worse days, they are all the same” Vetrano said last week.

It was late in evening on August 2, 2016, that Karina’s body was discovered after disappearing following what was supposed to be a short training run through the park near her house.

Philip Vetrano who found his daughter’s body as he combed the park with police that August night, and Vetrano said he remembered instinctively going to the spot in the grass where his daughter’s body lay.

“She needed me to find her . . . She led me to her, she needed her daddy to find her, no question about it,” Vetrano answered when asked what let him to that spot.

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