Trump touts Suffolk sheriff's support on MS-13 – New York News

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Monday morning shared via Twitter a TV news interview in which Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco discusses the administration’s support of law enforcement officials and their fight against MS-13.

“No doubt about it. For the past eight years, cops have been made to feel like they were the problem, and they’re really the solution, and President Trump has stood behind them,” DeMarco says in the clip of a “Fox and Friends” interview conducted before the president’s visit Friday to Brentwood.

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“I’d thank him,” DeMarco says of the president.

Trump in his remarks to uniformed officers at Suffolk Community College called on Congress to help fund 10,000 more immigration and customs enforcement officers, immigration judges and the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico, among other measures he said would combat the vicious MS-13 street gang.

The president also said he expected police and other law enforcement officers…

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