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“Banana republic” is a term of derision which has been used for well over a century to describe unstable countries in Central and South America.

Despite an abundance of natural resources, their populations live in poverty and squalor.

Citizens living in banana republics have no respect for their governments, or the laws created by them, because historically those governments have been corrupt.

It shouldn’t be a surprise when people fleeing banana republics come to the United States, they bring with them their suspicion, and even contempt, for law and government.

Recently, The Gazette published an article about 30 illegal immigrants being arrested in Saratoga. In the piece, it was mentioned that there are about 11 million illegal immigrants in our country.

That figure has been used for more than 20 years. The real number is probably triple or quadruple that amount.

The fact is that anyone who entered the United States illegally is a law breaker, and there are millions of them now in the United States.

What concerned me about the Saratoga article was that so many people at a meeting held to discuss the ICE arrests had enormous sympathy for the law-breakers, while none for the immigration officials, who were simply enforcing U.S. law. Worse yet, anyone who dared to agree with federal law enforcement was deemed racially prejudice.

Unfortunately, all across this country, American citizens are protecting aliens who have entered the United States illegally. Government officials, like the mayor of Saratoga Springs, are openly showing their contempt for the rule of law.

Our country grew and…

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