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The officials of the town of Amsterdam have proposed to seasonally close Baldwin Road at its intersection of Cranes Hollow Road. My views on the subject are as follows;

1) What has suddenly changed that warrants closing a road that has been in use in over a century? I have personally walked, cycled and drriven the road for more than 80 years without any major problems.

If “there have been accidents involving private vehicles and the town’s,” as noted in an article that appeared in a local newspaper, then let’s see the accident history.

If there are only six residents involved and “It’s not like we are blocking off a residential area,” let’s see some traffic volume reports.

2) Many area residents use Baldwin Road to get to Hagaman and the stores and malls on Route 30. By closing Baldwin Road, you force them to either follow Touareuna Road to Waite Road or use Swart Hill Road to Route 5, to Truax Road. The Route 67-Waite Road intersection is not signalized and is extremely dangerous, with a fatality occurring just recently.

The Route 5 intersections are also unsignalized and have high traffic volumes. The Route 67-Truax Road intersection is signalized and is the one most used by traffic coming from Baldwin Road.

3) I fail to see how Baldwin Road can’t be kept open when Wolf Hollow Road, Vrooman Avenue and other steep inclines are. If these steep hills are salted before the snow or ice actually arrives, there shouldn’t be any problems when the snow and ice does arrive. I am sure our capable town employees can handle the situation if given the right hours, material, and equipment.


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