'Boomer and Carton' simulcast to continue on CBS Sports Network regardless of potential cast change – New York News

CBS Sports Network intends to continue its simulcast of “The Boomer and Carton Show,” WFAN’s morning radio program, even if there is a change in the cast, CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said.

“There are no plans to discontinue the simulcast,” he said, in the wake of co-host Craig Carton’s arrest and indefinite suspension last week on charges of conspiracy and securities and wire fraud.

CBSSN has simulcast Boomer Esiason and Carton since January 2014, even though the radio program has a strong New York-area focus and the TV station is national – and even though CBS Radio has a national morning radio show.

The channel generally carries WFAN’s morning show even when Esiason or Carton — or both — are off and replaced by fill-ins. That has continued since Carton’s last show on Sept. 5, with Jerry Recco, Phil Simms and Brandon Tierney so far working alongside Esiason.

Simms was once again Boomer Esiason’s co-host on Monday to start the first full week without Carton. Last Wednesday,…

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