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So, we have another riot brought on by the paid agitators on the “left.” So what’s wrong with the duly-elected God-fearing president’s words on this? He called it exactly as it is and is being attacked for his statements.

On the other hand, we have an individual who has stated; “Conservatives are not welcome in New York;” those who call LGBT sin and evil are threatened and removed from free speech; Republicans will be attacked; and a few more egotistical statements of non-tolerance saying, “New York is an all-inclusive state.” You are kidding, right?

One aspect of God is he cannot do all things, of which being a liar is amongst that. Yet, we decry godly justice by our duly elected president, but do not stand up and point out the error of the “all-inclusive” statements.

How is that justified by the left media, other liberal thinkers, and especially by the person who stated the lie “You can’t have it both ways, inclusive our not.” These false statements go against our Judeo-Christian heritage that the left is trying to demolish, just as in Hitler’s Germany.

We have an American in the president’s office, but I wonder what we have here in New York.

Barry Groat


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