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SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. >> A plan in the proposed new charter for Saratoga Springs is to increase the mayor’s salary, but the Republican running for the job this November is against it.

The charter plan calls for an increase in the mayor’s salary from $14,500 to $40,000, one in a host of changes proposed in a document that would change the entire structure of the Spa City’s government.

Former Saratoga Springs City Center Director Mark Baker, the Republican running for mayor, said he won’t endorse the charter plan because of the pay hike.

“I cannot support any proposal that promotes an irresponsible 175.9 percent increase in the mayor’s salary,” Baker said in a statement. “Period.”


His opponent, Democratic Deputy Mayor Meg Kelly, said she supports the pay hike — and the charter proposal itself — because of what the mayor’s job entails.

“I know that the mayor works her current job as mayor at full time hours, and to be compensated for $14,500 is absolutely ridiculous,” Kelly said.

Kelly serves as deputy to Mayor Joanne Yepsen, a Democrat who decided to not seek re-election this year. Baker and Kelly would not receive a pay hike if they are elected to the post because any changes in city government, if passed would not take effect until after the 2019 local general election. The mayor and other commission posts are currently two-year terms.

The charter plans calls for Saratoga Springs to get rid of its current commission form of government to a council-manager system. If the plan is passed, the city would hire a full-time…

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