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Here is a brief summary of last week [Aug. 28 to present]. We have a Trump-signed letter of intent to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, along with numerous emails from Trump’s side of the football asking for Putin’s assistance. More meeting details with the Russians emerge.

So another big story is that Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio of Arizona. The way he did, it’s important. First, Trump said on TV that he wouldn’t do it now because “they say it will cause too much trouble.” But he added, “I think Joe will be alright. He should think that he is going to be alright.” Later, he pardoned Joe. See? Now he has code talk for his associates.

When the law closes in, Trump can say, “Oh, I think Paul Manafort, for example, will be alright. He should think that he will be alright.” Ah, the brashness of it. He can do it by tweet or better yet on TV. It’s a textbook example of Trump’s manipulating brashness and brilliance.

One more thing. Special investigator Robert Mueller made it public that he will prosecute at the state level. There won’t be any pardons. So, Trump sees the investigations closing in and says to fellow schemers, “Keep me out of it and don’t worry.” Mueller to all: “Worry.”

Glenn Gray


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