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Apple is holding its annual special event unveiling new products. It is the company’s first event at its new Cupertino, California, headquarters.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently addressing the crowd in the Steve Jobs Theater, named for the company’s founder. 

Apple Watch

After a brief discussion of Apple’s new headquarters and its plans for retail expansion, Cook started product talks by discussing the Apple Watch, which he said is now the most popular watch in the world.

Jeff Williams, Apple chief operating officer, said the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor is the most used heart rate monitor in the world. Apple is changing the heart rate monitor to add resting heart rate and recovery heart rate. Williams said reading a user’s heart rate will also now be instant.

Apple will also be creating Apple Watch Study to use the watch’s heart rate monitor to track atrial fibrilation.

The updates are part of Apple Watch’s updated operating system, OS 4, which will be available for download on Sept. 19.

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