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Monday was tough.

We began to discover the extent of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Irma in Florida, as many Caribbean islands struggled to comprehend the storm’s vicious blow. And with images just as fresh as if it were yesterday, we marked the 16th anniversary of Sept. 11 by recalling those who lost their lives and those who tried to save them.

Whether we huddled under storm clouds or gathered under deep blue skies, we all were reminded of our human condition:

We live and we learn.

In the aftermath of 9/11 and its incomprehensible loss of life, we learned that our brave first responders need to communicate with each other on a single radio frequency. We learned that workers must take more precautions when toiling on toxic piles. We learned we have a responsibility to take care of those made sick by that work. And we learned about the daily vigilance needed to combat terrorism and the importance of heeding early warning signs, lessons bolstered by Monday’s announcement of $39 million in federal funding for counterterrorism efforts in New York.

From Katrina to Sandy to Harvey, our worst storms also have taught us a lot. On Long Island, we learned to ensure continued access to our gasoline supply and…

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