John Bittrolff faces 50 to life at sentencing in double murder – New York News

The Manorville carpenter convicted in July of strangling and bludgeoning two women to death more than two decades ago is scheduled to be sentenced to prison Tuesday by state Supreme Court Justice Richard Ambro.

John Bittrolff, 51, was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Rita Tangredi, 31, of East Patchogue, and Colleen McNamee, 20, of Holbrook. He faces a maximum of 50 years to life in prison.

The women’s killings remained unsolved for two decades until Suffolk homicide detectives were able to get a DNA sample from Bittrolff that matched semen recovered from both bodies.

Tangredi was killed Nov. 2, 1993, and McNamee some time before her body was found in Shirley on Jan. 30, 1994. Both women, who worked as prostitutes, were severely beaten in the head and strangled. Their bodies were posed similarly — naked with legs apart and one or both hands above their heads — and at both crime scenes their clothes were nearby, except for one shoe each and their underwear.

Police and prosecutors also said that “wood chips” were found at both crime scenes, but trial testimony showed instead there were none. Instead both women’s clothes had microscopic particles, some of which were foil or glass. Almost all of them were destroyed…

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