Mike Francesa leaves door open to staying at WFAN following arrest of Craig Carton – New York News

Mike Francesa still plans to leave WFAN in December, but on Tuesday he left the door wide open to rethinking that plan in the wake of last week’s arrest of morning co-host Craig Carton.

“I will not turn my back on the station,” Francesa told Newsday. “Let’s see what the fall brings. I haven’t talked to anybody, but I know there are conversations ahead.”

Carton’s indefinite suspension immediately prompted speculation that Francesa might be asked to stay on so that executives would not have to deal simultaneously with potential openings on the FAN’s two most important shows.

“I understand the question; it is fair,” Francesa said. “Right now there is nothing to report. The plan remains in place.”

Francesa would have been subject to criticism had he changed his mind absent the Carton news, given the long buildup to his departure. But now he could remain on the job in the name of helping the station through a programming…

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