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What about a store with no merchandise?

That’s the idea Nordstrom announced Monday. It will be testing it in a West Hollywood location, set to open on Oct. 3.

The store, named Nordstrom Local, will differ from the Nordstroms most of us are used to visiting in a few different ways. Instead of being around 140,000 square feet like most locations, for example, it will be a compact 3,000. It’ll also include wine, beer and, of course, espresso for shoppers.

Most notably, it won’t contain any clothes for sale. The stores will include some for shoppers to try on, but there will be no inventory to purchase on site.

Stylists will be on hand to guide shoppers to a personalized wardrobe, which customers can then order online to be delivered to the store that same day. Or the stylists will visit one of the nine local traditional Nordstrom locations to retrieve the purchase.

The idea is to keep shoppers from feeling overwhelmed by too much choice.

“Shopping today may not always mean going to a store and looking at a vast amount of inventory,” Shea Jensen, Nordstrom’s senior vice president of customer experience, told the Wall Street Journal. “It can mean trusting an expert to pick out a selection of items.”

If shoppers want to wait for the clothing to arrive, they can have another drink or indulge in a manicure.

Once the clothes arrive, tailors are available on-site to make alterations.

While opening a store without inventory seems like it would make shopping longer and more complicated, the company argued it will actually streamline the process.

“As the retail landscape continues to transform at an unprecedented…

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