Oyster Bay Town Board to vote on drone use over land – New York News

The Oyster Bay Town Board plans to vote today on an ordinance regulating the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles — drones — over town-owned property. 

The board postponed a vote in July after a public hearing in which several operators, both hobbyists and professionals, asked officials to make changes to the proposal. The revised version includes some of the requested changes.

Under the original proposal, people or companies seeking to fly drones over town property would have had to apply for a permit for a specific date.

The revised ordinance would remove language about airspace, which is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, and instead require a permit to launch or land a drone from or on town property.

The permits could be either seasonal or for specific dates.

The revised ordinance also incorporates a request to allow membership in Indiana-based Academy of Model Aeronautics to serve as proof of insurance for noncommercial use.

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