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Our current political polarization is America’s biggest impediment to improving the lives of our people because the dysfunction resulting from it prevents us from solving our current problems and dealing intelligently with those that lie ahead.

President Trump has made the polarization problem worse by his many senseless attacks on various segments of the population — the media and individuals critical of him. He has foolishly berated the Senate’s leader, whose support is indispensable to actually accomplishing anything legislatively.

So it’s no surprise that to date, he has been ineffective as president. Furthermore, his low approval rating (34 percent) and the lack of trust in him by the public support the prediction that polarization will continue during his presidency.

Contrary to Trump’s assessment of the state of the nation, we are a great nation dealing currently with the effects of his poor leadership, as well as his unrealistic and at times senseless ideas.

Realistically, America, as the world’s only economic and military superpower, can’t avoid the dual challenge of meeting its domestic needs while retaining the power and influence necessary to protect its foreign interests and making the world the better place for humanity that our forefathers envisioned.

To remain that shining light on the hill, the government will have to overcome not only the poor decisions of a glaringly inept president, but a do-nothing Congress whose approval rating is even lower than that of the president.

In addition, we have to contend with an ideologically oriented Supreme Court that is responsible…

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