Rays' home game vs. Yankees at Mets' Citi Field feels strange – New York News

It was a Rays home game because the schedule said so. It was a Yankees home game because almost everyone in the stands said so with their cheering. It was a Mets home game because it is their home, and they did the work to put it together.

Also, it was a Lucas Duda home game because he was set up in his old locker in the clubhouse on the first-base side. That was not by request, but it was appreciated as a sign of hospitality. So was the fact the Rays were given total run of the Citi Field video room, where someone posted intense-looking headshots of Duda wearing a Mets helmet.

Most of all, it was unusual, what with the Rays having been displaced from Tropicana Field because of Hurricane Irma and sent by Major League Baseball to Queens for a three-game “home” series.

“You would not draw up a home game against the Yankees in New York in a wild-card chase,” Rays outfielder Steven Souza Jr. said. “But we’re just thankful to have a place to play.

“This is a beautiful clubhouse, a beautiful stadium. We’re very thankful to the Mets to open it up for us,” he said. “It’s just a strange situation.”

For Duda, it was a unique night amid all…

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