'What Happened' review: Hillary Clinton's election-memoir has ring of truth – New York News

Hillary Rodham Clinton is well aware that a lot of people, including some who voted for her, wish she would just go away. She acknowledges this several times in “What Happened” (Simon & Schuster, 494 pp., $30), her highly anticipated memoir of the 2016 election that went on sale Tuesday.

The book itself is a response to those people: No way.

It’s not because Clinton didn’t experience the intensity of the rage against her. In “What Happened” she describes a rally she attended in West Virginia during the primaries where she hoped to mend fences with coal miners. They were alienated by a sound bite that made it appear she wanted to put them out of work.

When Clinton got to the little town of Williamson, West Virginia, she realized there was much more going on than just a reaction to that gaffe. “They were angry, they were loud, and they hated my guts,” she writes.

By the time Election Day rolled around, she had heard the chants of “Lock her…

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