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Who controls government? Not the people.

We need to wake up to the fact that our government is not controlled by the people who vote, but by the people (and corporations) who pay.

Case in point is the recent Equifax fiasco.

The laws are set up by our elected representatives to have potential creditors (businesses, banks, lenders, insurance companies, etc.) have easy access to our personal financial records.

This makes life easy for them. So we are at their mercy and potential victims of their mismanagement and mistakes, as in Equifax.

Laws that protect individuals would give the control of people’s data to the people themselves. Until this is done, individuals do have a right to freeze their credit reports.

This will create some inconvenience and some minor fees, but it will limit the distribution of people’s records only to those who have a legitimate purpose.

One of these days, people will wake up and realize who is controlling our government. Until then, we have to find work-arounds to protect ourselves.

BK Keramati

Saratoga Springs

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