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Once again I must wonder whether we elected a president last November or an emperor. Recently, I read that the man occupying the Oval Office is set to give the leaders of the U.S. military six months to create and implement his imperial imperative to bar transgendered U.S. citizens from military service.

As well, the generals must plan the means to remove, dismiss or eliminate the thousands of transgendered who are currently serving with honor.

The notion that any patriotic American citizen who is capable and willing to serve our nation’s defense should be demeaned, diminished and dismissed in consequence of the fitful, erratic, obnoxious and indefensible behavior of any other citizen, much less the man who claims the title of president of the United States only deserves one response: shame.

This emperor not only has no clothes, he has no honor and no right to our respect.

Denis Brennan



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