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SCHENECTADY — A city man who has run tour boats in Florida is planning to launch a business offering tours of the Schenectady watefront from the Mohawk River, using a glass-bottom boat.

Singh Sonthivongnorah, who also owns a local moving company, said the tours from the Mohawk Valley Marina in Alplaus will visit some of the highlights of Schenectady and Glenville, including the Rivers Casino. They could start this fall, but if not will definitely get going in the spring, he said.

Mohawk River Cruises is expected to visit Mohawk Harbor, where the casino is located; the historic Stockade neighborhood; Scotia Landing, next to where the seasonal Jumpin’ Jacks drive-in stand is located and an outdoor bandshell; and the Water’s Edge Lighthouse restaurant in Glenville.

Sonthivongnorah has a glass-bottom boat he has used for boat tours in Florida — and he doesn’t yet know how it weathered the hurricane — and he acknowledged that seeing the bottom of the Mohawk River probably isn’t going to be something his passengeres will be able to do. But he still thinks it will have an appeal.

“You’ll see kids saying, mom and dad, I want to do this, it’s glass bottom,” Sonthivongnorah predicted.

If the business takes off, he hopes to take the boats through an Erie Canal lock as an educational experience for children.

Dave Mathis of Schuylerville, who has captained tour boats on the Hudson River out of Schuylerville for years, will be the skipper.

Plans call for potentially selling day passes for $10 or $20 that would allow someone to ride the boat from one destination to another, stopping and spending time in one spot,…

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