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NEW YORK — It was the morning after a resounding primary victory for Mayor Bill de Blasio, the kind that political mandates are made of, and as luck would have it, the mayor of New York had a tailor-made moment to bask in the glow of electoral success.

It was not to be.

The political gods had conspired to place de Blasio on Roosevelt Island on Wednesday, in an uncomfortable white plastic chair in the front row at the opening ceremony of the Cornell Tech campus, alongside Michael R. Bloomberg, his billionaire predecessor, with whom de Blasio has had an uneasy relationship, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who has been de Blasio’s near-constant tormentor.

Speaker after speaker praised Bloomberg, who had conceived of the tech campus when he was mayor and put the project in motion. But it was Cuomo who damned the current mayor with not even the faintest of praise.

“Mike Bloomberg had the formula: vision plus confidence plus achievement equals progress,” Cuomo said. “Mike’s formula was shared by my father Mario Cuomo, who called himself a pragmatic progressive. Think about it. A progressive who gets things done, and gets results.”

The governor did not include de Blasio, who sees himself as a paragon of progressivism, in his commendations.

In many ways, de Blasio has benefited from circumstance and luck. Since he entered City Hall in January 2014, the city, like most of the nation, has seen crime rates plummet and its economy churn along. He has avoided, by and large, major crises.

The mayor is expected to easily defeat his challengers in the general election in November, accomplishing what no Democrat…

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