Irma has former Long Islanders in Florida pondering their options – New York News

Hurricane Irma has persuaded one former Long Islander to at least consider leaving her longtime Florida home.

“To tell you the truth, I really don’t want to live here anymore; I bet a lot of people are thinking the same way I am,” said Adele Laufer, 63, of Citrus Park, near Tampa.

“Arizona, ‘Here I come.’ I just want to go to a place that doesn’t have too many natural disasters,” said the Deer Park native.

Thankfully, the home she and her husband bought in the late 1980s was almost entirely unscathed because Irma unexpectedly veered east.

Still, “It was a back and forth thing, so it was like really panicky for me,” she said, adding she was even more concerned for her son and 8-year-old grandson who live 25 miles away.

In contrast, neither the loss of power nor the prospect of contaminated water is deterring Ruth Tarlow, 55, who recently moved to Delray Beach in the east, or Ken Walles, 65, of Montauk, who last year bought a home near Naples in the west.

Tarlow, formerly of Melville, stressed how fortunate she…

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