LI Council of Churches reaffirms decision to oust exec – New York News

The Long Island Council of Churches on Thursday reaffirmed their decision to oust executive director the Rev. Dyanne Pina.

Following a meeting in Commack that lasted more than three hours, the 15 board members present said through one of their leaders that financial pressures were forcing them to continue in their decision to eliminate Pina’s position.

The executive committee decided last Friday to oust Pina.

“We affirmed the decision of our executive committee,” said Tom Wallace, who is chairman of the board of directors and also a member of the five-person executive committee.

“We are committed to a plan of structure,” he said. “Our biggest concern right now is to continue to carry out the mission and ministry of this organization.”

Pina said she was “not surprised” about the decision.

She said that most of those on the board who support her were not at the meeting and were not allowed to take part in it through a phone conference or to vote.

She criticized…

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