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Dan Janison

Dan Janison has been a columnist at Newsday since 2007.

The point at which former FBI Director James Comey ceases to be the nemesis of Donald Trump’s presidency remains nowhere in sight.

Steve Bannon, the departed Trump strategist, has called his ex-boss’s firing of Comey four months ago the biggest mistake in “modern political history.”

“We would not have the [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation and the breadth that clearly Mr. Mueller is going for,” Bannon said in a “60 Minutes” interview posted Sunday.

That’s quite a statement, even for an investment banker turned populist guru who admits to being bombastic.

At the White House, press secretary Sarah Sanders responded Monday: “It has been shown in the days that followed that the president was right to fire Director Comey.”

On Tuesday, Sanders fanned the flames. She said the Justice Department “should certainly look at” prosecuting Comey for allegedly leaking information and false testimony to Congress.

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