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When trying to understand the thinking of our president, I become mired in distinguishing that which is explicable and that which is impossibly opaque. If he was to provide subsidies for the companies that produce Cialis, Just For Men and Aqua Net, there would be a discernible logic. However, his embittered obsession with President Obama mystified me until I remembered the emotionally destabilizing force of fandom gone foul.

President Trump is absolutely obsessed. The most recent evidence is the discontinuation of DACA. Recognizing that his decision will have incredibly negative consequences with no discernible gain, he’s basically asking Congress to codify a fix, while still being able to reverse an Obama-era policy. Trump’s own obsequious fan-boy, Jeff Sessions, provided the flimsiest of justifications.

‘Embittered fan boy Trump has reversed Obama-era policies on restricting civil forfeiture, discontinued the opposition to a discriminatory voter ID laws, resumed mandatory minimum sentencing, and has stopped the effort to address police abuses.

He has worked to remove worker protections, like contractors reporting past safety abuses, the expansion of overtime eligibility, and the mandate for financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients. What other rationale can there be, other than pouty defensiveness of fan-boy love denied?

The environmental policy changes reflect such a fan-boy bitterness that science is meaningless and basic decency, as in the example of the Standing Rock Sioux, is forsaken.

Regardless of when and why, fan-boy Trump’s obsession with destroying President…

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